Florida National University Nursing Roles and Values Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

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Florida National University Nursing Roles and Values Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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1.  There is a wide variety of perspectives and frameworks from which to practice nursing.  After reading the various framework and theories presented,  which most closely matches your beliefs? Please explain why?

2.  After reading the Nurse of the future: Nursing core competencies on page 84, please describe how you plan to apply these 10 core competencies into your daily Nursing practice.  Please be sure to address all 10 competencies and give specific examples.  

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As a medical professor, it is my responsibility to design assignments and assessments that encourage critical thinking, deep understanding, and practical application of medical knowledge for college students. I also aim to provide valuable feedback and guidance to help students excel in their studies and future nursing practice. In this context, I will address the provided questions concerning nursing frameworks and core competencies.

Answer to Question 1:
After studying the various nursing frameworks and theories, I find that the person-centered care framework aligns closely with my beliefs. Person-centered care emphasizes the individuality, dignity, and autonomy of patients. This approach focuses on understanding patients’ unique needs, values, beliefs, and preferences to provide tailored and compassionate care.

Person-centered care resonates with me because it acknowledges the importance of building trusting relationships between nurses and patients. It recognizes that patients are the experts of their own experiences and promotes shared decision-making. This approach also highlights the significance of cultural competence and holistic care for patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Answer to Question 2:
To incorporate the Nurse of the Future: Nursing Core Competencies into my daily nursing practice, I will address each competency individually:

1. Patient-Centered Care: I will actively involve patients in their care plans, respect their values and preferences, and ensure their active participation in decision-making processes. For example, I will encourage patients to discuss their goals of care and collaborate with them to develop personalized care plans.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration: I will actively engage in interdisciplinary teamwork, fostering effective communication and mutual respect among healthcare professionals. By sharing information and expertise, I can optimize patient outcomes. For instance, I will participate in multidisciplinary meetings to discuss patient progress and contribute to care coordination.

3. Evidence-Based Practice: I will integrate the latest research evidence and clinical guidelines into my nursing practice. By critically appraising and applying current knowledge, I can deliver the most effective and efficient care. For instance, I will regularly review scientific literature to enhance my understanding of best practices in nursing.

4. Quality Improvement: I will actively participate in quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient safety and outcomes. This may involve identifying areas for improvement, collecting data, implementing changes, and evaluating their impact. For example, I can contribute to reducing medication errors by implementing barcode scanning systems.

5. Safety: I will prioritize patient safety by ensuring a safe and clean environment, adherence to infection control protocols, and accurate medication administration. For instance, I will conduct patient identification checks before administering medications and maintain a hygienic environment to prevent healthcare-associated infections.

6. Informatics: I will utilize healthcare technologies effectively, such as electronic health records, to enhance communication, documentation, and decision-making. For instance, I will ensure accurate and timely documentation of patient information in electronic records to facilitate continuity of care.

7. Professionalism: I will uphold ethical standards, maintain confidentiality, and demonstrate accountability and responsibility in my nursing practice. For example, I will respect patient privacy and confidentiality by safeguarding their health information.

8. Leadership: I will develop leadership skills by actively engaging in professional development opportunities, taking initiative, and promoting positive changes in nursing practice. For instance, I can contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment through mentoring and advocating for nursing staff.

9. System-Based Practice: I will understand and navigate the healthcare system, recognizing its complexities and collaborating with other professionals to ensure integrated and coordinated care. For example, I will actively participate in interdisciplinary rounds and conferences to enhance care continuity.

10. Communication: I will employ effective communication techniques, such as active listening and clear documentation, to ensure accurate information exchange among healthcare team members and patients. For instance, I will use hand-off protocols to communicate essential patient information during shift changes.

By integrating these core competencies into my daily nursing practice, I aim to provide high-quality, patient-centered, and evidence-based care while fostering effective teamwork and collaboration.

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