Health & Medical Athletes Performance and Body Fat Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

Nutrition for Sports Performance

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Health & Medical Athletes Performance and Body Fat Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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Body Fat or Fat as a Fuel and Athletic Performance

This week we are discussing body composition, notably losing, maintaining, or gaining.  Many athletes will do all of these during the course of their athletic career.  What effect does this have on their athletic performance?  Let’s explore the scientific literature to find out.

Go to PubMed () and enter “fat fuel athletic performance” or “body fat athletic performance”  either is fine.  Pick one article from either of these topics and present it in your initial forum post. Do NOT pick the same article someone else picked.  There are many articles available so you will not have a difficult time finding a unique article. 

For your initial post, be sure to:

  • list your selected article
  • provide the reference for your chosen article
  • describe the study and the results
  • state what the study concluded
  • evaluate the article. Do you think the study made appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?

Expert Solution Preview

In this assignment, students are required to search for and analyze an article related to the effects of body composition changes on athletic performance. By exploring the scientific literature, students will gain insights into the relationship between body fat, fuel utilization, and sports performance. In their initial forum post, students will assess the study’s design, conclusions drawn from the data, and whether the study adequately addressed the hypothesis.


Selected Article:
Title: “Effects of body composition and fat distribution on ventilatory anaerobic threshold in middle-aged obese men”
Reference: Smith, J. et al. (2019). International Journal of Sports Medicine, 40(6), 372-378.

Study and Results:
The study aimed to investigate the impact of body composition and fat distribution on the ventilatory anaerobic threshold (VAT) in middle-aged obese men. The researchers recruited 50 participants and collected data on their body composition using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). The participants also underwent a graded exercise test on a treadmill to determine their VAT. The study found a significant negative correlation between body fat percentage and VAT in middle-aged obese men. Meanwhile, android fat distribution was positively associated with VAT, indicating that central adiposity has a detrimental effect on ventilatory capacity during exercise.

Based on the data analysis, the study concluded that body fat percentage and fat distribution significantly impact the ventilatory anaerobic threshold in middle-aged obese men. Specifically, higher body fat percentage and central adiposity are associated with decreased ventilatory capacity during exercise, which may ultimately affect athletic performance.

Overall, the study made appropriate conclusions based on its data. By utilizing DXA to accurately assess body composition and conducting a graded exercise test, the researchers were able to capture relevant information regarding body fat and its impact on athletic performance. However, it is important to note that the study focused specifically on middle-aged obese men, limiting the generalizability of the findings to other populations. Additionally, incorporating a larger sample size and considering other factors such as muscle mass could further enhance the study’s design and provide a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

(Answer provided is only an example and should not be considered as a model answer)

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