HSC 3485 Rasmussen University Mod 6 Healthcare Needs Across Lifespan Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

Throughout life, from infancy to old age, one’s healthcare needs will change and shift. The cost of healthcare treatment and prevention varies immensely too. In this discussion, we will explore the healthcare needs and costs of different age groups.

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HSC 3485 Rasmussen University Mod 6 Healthcare Needs Across Lifespan Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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For your initial post, you will be examining the healthcare needs of people as they age. Research the average healthcare needs of someone who is your age.

What does the average person your age need in regards to healthcare?

For example: preventative care, disease management, medications, etc.

  • What is the average annual healthcare expenditure for someone your age?
  • How are the costs of care distributed? Are most costs related to disease prevention, health insurance, long-term care facilities, etc.?
  • Now, compare the average needs of someone your age to the average person 20 years older than you. Is there a significant difference? Do you feel prepared to handle potentially increased healthcare needs as you age?
  • For your reply post, respond to at least one other student’s initial discussion post. Consider your peer’s perspective and compare it to the information you found in your research. Also, explain whether or not you believe anything can be done now to better prepare for increasing healthcare needs and costs as we age.

Response for discussion


6/11/23, 2:21 PM

As a 37-year-old average female with no major medical issues my health care cost is relatively low. Health screening for women are important such as being up to date on vaccines, regular check ups, blood pressure screening, breast cancer screening, and cervical cancer screenings. Diabetes screening typically start at age 35 however, I have not received this type of screening yet. Every year I do get my dental exam, and eye exam every two years. The average cost of health care for an individual my age is $2,985.

Twenty years from now the average cost of health care will nearly double and cost $6,406 for the average 57 year old. I do feel prepared for the rise in health care cost. I know how important preventative care and screenings are and will continue to get screened as recommended by my doctor. Preventative care will decrease the cost of health care and save lives.


Expert Solution Preview

The average person my age requires certain healthcare needs to maintain their well-being. These needs include regular preventive care such as vaccinations, check-ups, blood pressure screenings, as well as specific screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Although diabetes screening usually starts at age 35, I have not undergone this type of screening yet. Additionally, I prioritize getting dental exams annually and eye exams every two years. By following these recommendations, I can ensure that my health is appropriately monitored and any potential issues are detected early on. The average annual healthcare expenditure for someone my age is estimated to be $2,985.

The costs of care for individuals my age are distributed across various aspects. The expenses are mainly related to preventive care, health insurance, and occasional dental and eye care visits. These costs are essential for maintaining good health and detecting any potential health problems in a timely manner.

Comparing the average needs of someone my age to those of a person 20 years older, there is likely to be a significant difference. As individuals age, their healthcare needs generally increase due to the higher prevalence of chronic conditions and the need for more frequent screenings and disease management. However, with the knowledge of the importance of preventive care and regular screenings, I feel prepared to handle potentially increased healthcare needs as I age. Continuing to prioritize my health and seeking regular medical attention can help mitigate potential health issues and manage any conditions that may arise.

In response to Tabetha Webb’s post, it is commendable that she recognizes the value of preventive care and screenings at her age. By staying up to date with recommended health screenings, she can make informed decisions about her wellbeing. It is important to note that the cost of healthcare progressively rises as individuals age, as highlighted in the research by registerednursing.org. This demonstrates the significance of planning for future healthcare costs to ensure financial preparedness. By saving or investing in appropriate insurance coverage, individuals can better handle increasing healthcare needs and costs as they age. Taking proactive measures now, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying informed about health insurance options, can contribute to better preparation for future healthcare expenses.

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