NSG 600 SU Reduce Overweight and Obesity Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

Health policy unfolds daily and drives clinical practice in the United States. 

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NSG 600 SU Reduce Overweight and Obesity Presentation Nursing Assignment Help
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For this assignment, you will expand on every item included in the PowerPoint Outline assignment you submitted during Week 1. The assignment will follow APA formatting and must be supported by the evidence. 

For your presentation, you will dedicate 1 to 3 slides to each item listed in the outline. Please be sure to address each item listed. See below:

Slide: Title Page
Slide: Outline (this is the slide(s) from Week 1) (SEE DOWN BELOW/ YOU MUST USE THIS OUTLINE & TOPIC)
Slide: Discuss your chosen Healthy People 2030 Objective
Slide: Discuss the epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, and cost-burden of the problem
Slide: Describe the problem and the specific population
Slide: Discuss how the Healthy People 2030 objective intends to address/improve the problem or population
Slide: Discuss the legislators who are working on the problem and the policies they are working on to improve the problem
Slide: Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomes
Slide: Discuss how the policy can be used by an inter-professional team to improve the problem
Slide: Conclude: provide a summary of the problem, the policy, the solution, and your analysis
Slide: References 

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In this assignment, the focus is on expanding the PowerPoint Outline submitted during Week 1. The objective is to address various aspects related to a chosen Healthy People 2030 Objective, including its epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, and cost-burden, as well as its impact on specific populations. Additionally, the assignment explores how the objective intends to improve the problem or population, the involvement of legislators and policies, and the influence of the policy on clinical practice and inter-professional collaboration. The assignment concludes with a summary of the problem, policy, solution, and analysis, followed by a list of references.


As a medical professor, it is essential to design assignments that challenge students to critically analyze and apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. This assignment on health policy and its influence on clinical practice aims to promote an in-depth understanding of the subject matter while fostering research and evidence-based thinking. By exploring the chosen Healthy People 2030 Objective, students will gain insights into the epidemiology, cost-burden, and prevalence of the problem, enabling them to recognize the significance of addressing such issues. They will also become familiar with how policies and legislators play a crucial role in addressing health problems and promoting positive outcomes.

Furthermore, the assignment encourages students to consider the inter-professional approach to healthcare by highlighting how different healthcare professionals can collaborate and utilize the policy to improve the identified problem. By exploring the impact of the policy on clinical practice and patient outcomes, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of how health policy translates into practical applications. Finally, the assignment emphasizes the importance of a well-structured conclusion that summarizes the problem, policy, solution, and analysis, ensuring students effectively communicate their findings.

Creating assignments that cover diverse aspects of health policy and its implications is vital for medical college students. By engaging with topics such as Healthy People 2030 Objectives and their influence on clinical practice, students can develop critical thinking skills, apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, and enhance their ability to analyze, evaluate, and propose evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges. Through rigorous evaluation and constructive feedback, students can further refine their understanding and skills, preparing them for their future roles as healthcare professionals.

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