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Apr 30, 2024

The first step of the evidence-based practice process is to evaluate a nursing practice environment to identify a nursing problem in the clinical area. When a nursing problem is discovered, the nurse researcher develops a clinical guiding question to address that nursing practice problem. 

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Qualitative Methodology Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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For this assignment, you will create a clinical guiding question know as a PICOT question. The PICOT question must be relevant to a nursing practice problem. To support your PICOT question, identify six supporting peer-revised research articles, as indicated below. 

Select a nursing practice problem of interest to use as the focus of your research. Start with the patient population and identify a clinical problem or issue that arises from the patient population. In 200–250 words, provide a summary of the clinical issue.

Following the PICOT format, write a PICOT question in your selected nursing practice problem area of interest.

  1. Conduct a literature search to locate six research articles focused on your selected nursing practice problem of interest. This literature search should include three quantitative and three qualitative peer-reviewed research articles to support your nursing practice problem. provide references of the research in apa format.
  2. Note:  remove the words qualitative and quantitative and include words that narrow or broaden your main topic. For example: Search for diabetes and pediatric and dialysis. To determine what research design was used in the articles the search produced, review the abstract and the methods section of the article. The author will provide a description of data collection using qualitative or quantitative methods. Systematic Reviews, Literature Reviews, and Metanalysis articles are good resources and provide a strong level of evidence but are not considered primary research articles.  Therefore, they should not be included in this assignment.

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As a medical professor in charge of creating assignments and evaluating performance of medical college students, the task at hand is to create an assignment related to the evidence-based practice process in nursing. The assignment focuses on developing a clinical guiding question known as a PICOT question and conducting a literature search to find supporting research articles. The objective is to enhance the students’ understanding of identifying nursing practice problems and using research to address those problems.


In order to successfully complete this assignment, students are required to follow these steps:

Step 1: Select a Nursing Practice Problem
Start by choosing a nursing practice problem that is relevant to the patient population. This problem should arise from the patient population and must be significant enough to be addressed through research. The clinical issue should be summarized in 200-250 words, providing a clear understanding of the problem at hand.

Step 2: Write a PICOT Question
Using the PICOT format, students will develop a clinical guiding question related to their selected nursing practice problem. The PICOT question must be well-structured and specific, allowing for a focused research inquiry. It should address the key elements of PICOT: population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time.

Step 3: Conduct a Literature Search
In order to support the PICOT question, students are required to conduct a literature search. This search should aim to find six peer-reviewed research articles, three of which should be quantitative and three qualitative. The research articles should be directly related to the selected nursing practice problem. It is important to ensure that the articles are primary research sources and not systematic reviews, literature reviews, or meta-analyses.

Step 4: Provide APA References
Students must provide APA references for each of the six research articles identified in the literature search. The references should be properly formatted and include all necessary information such as author(s), title, journal name, volume, issue, page numbers, and year of publication.

By completing this assignment, students will gain a deeper understanding of evidence-based practice, the importance of identifying nursing practice problems, and the process of conducting a literature search to find relevant research articles. Additionally, this assignment will develop students’ skills in critically analyzing research and effectively using evidence to address nursing practice problems.

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