Week 10 Health Services Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

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Week 10 Health Services Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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Health Services Admin Capstone Discussion – Wk 10

“Developing an Action Plan” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine that you are the Director of the Admitting Department of a hospital, and your strategy to increase patient satisfaction is to hire additional staff to register patients. 
  • Outline the action plan (who, what, and when) that you would use in order to effectively implement your strategy. (Consider a time where you or someone you know visited the admitting department of a hospital.)

Expert Solution Preview

As the Director of the Admitting Department of a hospital, my strategy to increase patient satisfaction would be to hire additional staff to register patients. This action plan aims to streamline the admissions process, reduce waiting times, and enhance the overall patient experience. By having an efficient and well-staffed admitting department, we can ensure that patients are promptly registered and attended to, leading to higher levels of satisfaction.

Action Plan:

1. Identify Staffing Needs:
The first step in implementing this strategy is to determine the staffing requirements of the department. Assess the current workload, patient volumes, and average registration times to understand how many additional staff members are needed. This evaluation will ensure that the department is adequately staffed to meet patient demands.

2. Recruitment and Hiring:
Once the staffing needs have been identified, initiate the recruitment and hiring process. Advertise job openings, both internally and externally, to attract qualified candidates. Conduct thorough interviews to assess their skills, experience, and compatibility with the department’s culture. Once suitable candidates are selected, negotiate employment terms and finalizing the hiring process.

3. Orientation and Training:
To ensure the new staff members are well-prepared for their roles, provide comprehensive orientation and training programs. This will familiarize them with the hospital’s policies and procedures, the specific duties and responsibilities of their role, and the various technology systems utilized in the admitting department. Conduct frequent training sessions to update their knowledge and skills, ensuring they are equipped to handle any challenges they may encounter.

4. Integration with Existing Staff:
Integrating the newly hired staff members with the existing team is crucial for successful implementation. Facilitate team-building activities and foster open communication to encourage cooperation and collaboration. Assign experienced staff members as mentors to support the new hires and guide them through their initial days. Regular team meetings can serve as platforms for discussing progress, addressing concerns, and sharing best practices.

5. Implementation Timeline:
To ensure a smooth and effective implementation, establish a timeline that outlines the hiring, orientation, and training processes. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each step, along with the estimated duration. This timeline will help manage expectations, monitor progress, and ensure that the action plan stays on track.

6. Performance Evaluation:
Regularly evaluate the performance of the newly hired staff members to measure the success of the action plan. Monitor key performance indicators such as patient satisfaction scores, waiting times, and accuracy of patient registrations. Conduct performance reviews and provide constructive feedback to ensure continuous improvement and address any issues that may arise.

By following this action plan, the hospital’s Admitting Department can effectively implement the strategy of hiring additional staff to improve patient satisfaction. The plan encompasses identifying staffing needs, recruitment and hiring, orientation and training, integration with existing staff, establishing an implementation timeline, and conducting performance evaluations. Through these steps, the department can enhance its operations, optimize patient experience, and achieve the desired goal of increased patient satisfaction.

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