WU Health & Medical Analysis of Leadership and Management Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Apr 30, 2024

To prepare for this Discussion:

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WU Health & Medical Analysis of Leadership and Management Discussion Nursing Assignment Help
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  • Reflect on your professional experience with leaders with whom you have interacted as a follower, colleague, or supervisor. Consider the strengths and weaknesses these professionals had with regard to leadership and management skills. How well did they perform their roles as managers and as leaders?
  • Then, drawing from your professional experience, identify a leader with whom you have interacted as a follower, colleague, or supervisor that matches only one of the following descriptions:
    • They are a good leader lacking effective managing skills.
    • They are a good manager lacking effective leadership skills.
    • They are an effective leader and manager.
    • They are neither a good leader nor manager.

Post an analysis of leadership versus management in business, being sure to address the following:

  • Without giving the actual name of the leader you have selected, identify their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and as a manager. Then distinguish the individual’s leadership skills from their management skills.
  • Analyze the effect the leader had on the business environment where you worked at the time. Was there a need for both management and leadership from this individual? Explain why or why not.
  • Identify two lessons learned from working with this leader that you could apply to your own professional practice as a leader and/or manager.

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In my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to interact with various leaders in different capacities. Through these interactions, I have observed both effective and ineffective leadership and management skills. In this discussion, I will analyze the leadership and management skills of a leader I have worked with, without disclosing their identity. I will also examine the impact this leader had on the business environment and consider lessons that can be applied to my own professional practice.


The leader I have chosen for this analysis is an effective leader lacking effective managing skills. This leader possesses exceptional leadership qualities, demonstrating strong vision, inspiring and motivating others, and effectively communicating goals and expectations. They have the ability to create a positive and empowering work culture, encouraging collaboration and innovation among team members.

However, when it comes to managing tasks and resources, this leader falls short. They often struggle with organizing and prioritizing work, allocating resources effectively, and ensuring efficient processes are in place. Additionally, they lack skills in monitoring and evaluating performance, providing constructive feedback, and holding employees accountable.

Effect on the Business Environment:

Despite their shortcomings in managing skills, this leader had a significant positive impact on the business environment. Their leadership skills fostered a culture of creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm. Employees felt motivated to contribute their best efforts, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. The leader’s ability to inspire and motivate others created a sense of shared vision and purpose, enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

In terms of management, the lack of effective skills did create some challenges. The absence of clear processes and structures sometimes led to confusion and inefficiency. However, the leader’s strong leadership skills compensated for these shortcomings and allowed the team to overcome obstacles.

Need for Management and Leadership:

While this leader demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, there was a definite need for effective management as well. Leadership provided the direction, inspiration, and motivation needed to guide the team towards the organization’s goals. Management, on the other hand, was essential for establishing effective systems, processes, and structures that would ensure smooth operations and optimal resource utilization. Both aspects were necessary for long-term success and growth.

Lessons Learned:

Working with this leader has provided me with valuable lessons that I can apply to my own professional practice as a leader and manager. Firstly, I have learned the importance of developing both leadership and management skills. While strong leadership qualities are crucial for inspiring and motivating others, effective management skills are necessary for ensuring efficient processes and resource allocation.

Secondly, I have learned the significance of self-awareness as a leader and manager. It is important to identify and acknowledge any weaknesses or gaps in managing skills and continuously work towards improving them. Seeking feedback from colleagues and team members can provide valuable insights and help address areas of improvement.

In conclusion, analyzing the leadership and management skills of a leader I have worked with has provided valuable insights into the impact of these skills on the business environment. Understanding the need for both leadership and management and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in these roles is crucial for successful organizational performance. Additionally, the lessons learned from working with this leader have highlighted the importance of developing and refining both leadership and management skills, as well as remaining self-aware and open to feedback as a leader and manager.

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